High Voltage Testing

Techno SinFin, Inc., has dominated the High Voltage Technology market in Mexico for many years. The vast majority of high voltage test systems installed in Mexico were supplied by our group. Practically all transformers (Instrument, distribution and power), medium and high voltage cables, power generators, electrical substations, motors, and electrical utilities, rely on equipment we supplied to ensure the high levels of quality and reliability.
Our staff and associates include more than ten expert high voltage engineers with the leading knowledge in the critical fields of applied and induced potential testing, partial discharge measurement and analysis, impulse testing, electromagnetic compatibility EMC, transformer loss measurement, capacitance and tangent delta, shielded enclosures, software development and automation.
We have extensive case studies and successful project overviews we can provide to assure you that our company if the very best option for all your high voltage testing requirements.

Our satisfied customers include:
Grupo Condumex, NACEL, Industrias IEM, Conductores Monterrey, Conductores del Norte; Kobrex, Generadores Mexicanos, Transformadores Monterrey, Areva, Arteche, Siemens, Compania de Luz y Fuerza, Comision Federal de Electricidad, Lapem, Cooper Power, General Electric, GE Medical, Prolec GE, Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Motores US, WEG, Industrias Unidas IUSA, and many others.
Techno SinFin, Inc., has automated over ten high voltage laboratories, providing operator non -intervened testing allowing manufacturers to offer remote inspection capabilities to their customers, including certification by Lapem under the "Inspeccion a Distancia" Program.

Product Groups
• Field Testing
• High Voltage Testing
• High Voltage Components
• Electrical Testing
• Power Products

Services Provided
Commissioning, Installation, Startup and Training in High Voltage test System
• Modernization of High Voltage Test Systems
• Test Automation and Remote Inspection Capabilities
• Consulting Services
• Repair of High Voltage Test Systems

Procurement Services
Techno SinFin is a fully independent business organization without ties to any particular vendor. This allows us to select the best brand and type of equipment to your particular test application. Our staff and associates are the most knowledgeable and capable high voltage engineers available and we provide the quickest and most competent service available today.

Areas of Expertise
We can install, commission, repair, upgrade and train your operator on the following systems
• Phenix Technologies
• Highvolt Prüftechnik Dresden GmbH
• Hipotronics
• Haefely High Voltage Test
• Haefely EMC
• Robinson Instruments
• Tettex
• Asea
• Ferranti
• Dr. Strauss
• Passoni & Villa
• And all others

Alphabetical Product Index
• AC Dielectric Test Sets
• AC Dielectric Breakdown Test Sets
• Attenuators
• Automatic 12 kV Insulation (C, and Tan d) Test Systems
• Automatic Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Test Equipment
• Automatic Multi-Conductor Cable Test Sets
• Automatic Partial Discharge Cable Fault Location System
• Automatic Recovery Voltage meter (RVM)
• Automatic Transformer Test System
• AC/DC Hipot Testers
• AC/DC Kilovoltmeters
• AC/DC Sparkers
• Battery-Powered Megohmmeters
• Broad Band Measuring Impedance
• Burdens for Instrument Transformers
• Cable ID and Phase Tracers
• Cable Termination Systems
• Cable Fault Locators
• Calibration Services
• Calibrators
• Capacitance and Dissipation factor (Tan d) Measuring Bridges
• Capacitive Impulse Dividers
• Capacitors (Standard)
• Circuit Breaker Testers
• Compact Partial Discharge Detectors
• Conducted Radio Frequency Test Systems
• Control Systems for AC, DC & Impulse
• Coupling Capacitors
• Current Burdens
• Current Comparators
• Current and Voltage Instrument Transformer Test Set
• Current Boosters
• DC Insulation Tester
• DC Power Packs
• Digital Capacitance and Dissipation Factor (Tan d) Measuring Instruments
• Digital Instrument Transformer test Set
• Digital Lightning SURGE Test Systems
• Digital Microohmmeters
• Digital Transformer Turns Ratio Meters
• Dissipation factor (Tan d) and Capacitance Measuring Bridges
• Double Shielded Isolation Transformers
• Electronic Current Burden
• Electronic Voltage Burden
• Electronic Voltage Dividers
• ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD)DC Power Test Systems
• Electric Fast Transient/Burst (EFT) Test Systems
• Filters (High Voltage, Line, etc.)
• High Current Resistance Meter
• High Precision Standard Voltage Dividers
• High Resolution Impulse Analysis Systems
• High Voltage AC Transformers
• High Voltage Attenuators
• High Voltage Capacitors
• High Voltage DC Isolation
• High Voltage Filters & Terminations
• High Voltage Kits and Components
• High Voltage Pulse Resistors
• High Voltage Reflecting Pulse Fault Locator
• High Voltage Resonant Test Systems
• HVM Series Megohmmeters Line
• HVT Series Portable AC Hipot Testers
• Instrument Transformer Test Sets
• Insulation Resistance Measuring Equipment
• Impulse Measurement System (Digital)
• Impulse Voltage Generators
• Isolation Transformers
• Lightning SURGE Test Systems
• Load Cycle Test Sets
• Kilovoltmeters
• Magnetic Fields (MF) Test Systems
• Megoohmmeters
• Microhmmeters
• Modular Power Test Sets
• Motor Overload Relay Test Set
• Motor Test Sets
• Multiple Chopping Gaps
• Null Indicators
• Oscillating Switching Impulse Voltage Generators
• Oil Dielectric Test Sets
• Open and Short Locator
• Partial Discharge Cable Fault detection System
• Partial Discharge Detectors
• Passive Burdens
• Peschel Automatic Voltage Regulators
• Peschel Variable Transformers
• Phase Tracing Systems
• Pre-Load Capacitors
• Power Factor Test Systems
• Power LINE Quality Test Systems
• Portable DC Hipots
• Recovery Voltage Meter (RVM)
• Recurrent Surge Generators
• Reference Voltage Dividers
• Resistance Measuring Equipment
• Resistive Impulse Dividers
• Resonating Inductors
• Sphere Gaps
• Standard Air Capacitors
• Standard Gas Capacitors
• Standard Current Instrument Transformer Comparators
• Standard Voltage Dividers
• Standard Voltage Instrument Transformers
• Surge Platform Equipment (8kV)
• Surge Test Systems (4 & 6 kV)
• Surge and Component Test System (>10kV)
• Test Cells for Liquid and Solid Insulants
• Time Domain Reflectometers
• Transformer-Loss Test Sets Systems
• Transformer Test Set
• Turn Ratio Testers
• Ultra High Voltage DC Test Systems
• Vacuum Interrupter Test Set
• Wire Sparkers